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Dealing with an issue with your Cinderella toilet? We're here to help! Explore our collection of Installation videos, Trouble Shooting videos and other Insightful videos!

Helpful Videos

Installation Videos

Installation for the Cinderella Comfort

This video shows how the Cinderella Comfort  toilet is installed correctly.

Installation for the Cinderella Freedom

This video shows how the Cinderella Freedom 

toilet is installed correctly.

Insightful Videos

Please note that these are videos from outside New Zealand. Installation and some parts shown may not relate to New Zealand.

Cinderella Travel Toilet

This video shows how the Cinderella Travel toilet operates and how this one couple in the United States have installed it inside their own bus! 

Cinderella Toilet Spotlighted

Cinderella Incineration Toilet featured on the Marc & Mandy Show!

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