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How Best to Maintain Your Cinderella Toilet

Your ash container should be emptied every week. Empty the contents of the ash container. If there is any ash left in the container, fill it with boiling water and leave it for 15–30 minutes. You can also add some dishwash liquid to the water and cover the bowl with a wooden board or similar to keep the heat in. Salt and lime residue will normally dissolve. Use the brush to clean away any residue.
When the ash container is clean add 1 litre of fresh water and then slide the ash container back into the toilet. Start an incineration and the fresh water will steam clean the inside of the toilet.

After every 500 liners used we recommend cleaning the toilet as outlined in our Maintenance video. It is important to do this for your 3 year warranty and ongoing care of your toilet. Contact your local Agent if you need assistance or click here to book online. 

NOTE: A cleaning Maintenance kit is supplied with every toilet purchased.

NOTE: The flue pipe and ashpan locking mechanism has changed in later model toilets but the basic procedures are the same.

Maintenance: Welcome
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