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Home Maintenance

We recommend a deep clean of your Cinderella toilet after every 500 uses (1 box of liners). We have a Maintenance page that shows you how to do the deep clean yourself. If you would like us to do this for you we offer an option to book in a 500 use clean (1 box of liners) simply click here, Book now.

Annual Servicing 

Ecoash recommends that you service your toilet annually. To schedule in your Annual Service please Book with us now.

Ecoash does offer servicing at a cost. We can come to you or alternatively you can deliver your toilet to us on prior arrangement. Service agents may have their own rates, and it's advisable to inquire about them directly. 

 Service Experts Nationwide

Our service professionals are ready to assist you with routine maintenance, warranty-related tasks, and any necessary repairs.

Click here to find an Ecoash Local Agent in your area. If there is no agent available near you, please contact us.

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Trouble Shooting

If you are having trouble with your Cinderella toilet view our Trouble Shooting page to help you with understanding the problem and a solution to fix it.


If you are still having trouble please contact us or your Local Agent.

Our Footstool accessory for using the cinderella incineration toilet

Spare Parts & Accessories 

Ecoash offers a diverse array of Spare Parts and Accessories specifically designed for Cinderella toilets. Our inventory is tailored to fit various Cinderella toilet models available in the New Zealand market.

We use top-quality components in our Cinderella toilets, and our Spare Parts and Accessories meet the same high standards. Ecoash also provides a range of quality accessories to improve the performance of your Cinderella toilet.

Book in your service now!

We offer a range of cleaning services for your Cinderella toilets. Prices will vary and be discussed with your local agent when they contact you. Click below to check out our different services and book in a time to get your toilet serviced. 

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