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What is an Incineration Toilet?

Cinderella Incineration Toilets are waterless, sustainable and environmentally designed with no polluting emissions. They are award winning products that are designed and built in Norway to exacting standards and certified for New Zealand.

They are ideally suited for cabins and holiday homes even if you live off grid.

Key Features

  • Easy to use & child safe

  • Certified to NZ standards

  • Waterless & odourless

  • No council permits required

  • Process kills all bacteria and viruses


Why Incineration Toilets?

Cinderella's incineration toilets are designed for gas or electricity and therefore meet sustainable energy consumption requirements. Since our toilets do not require water, there is no need for expensive sewage systems that interfere with vulnerable natural areas. The energy is used for the actual incineration process and the power can be supplied by solar, wind or hydro- power unless our gas-powered toilets are selected.

Cinderella's incineration technology is sustainable and sound. We burn the waste by combining pressure from below with radiant heat. Fresh air is directed into the combustion chamber and the exhaust gases are filtered before they are released into the air. Cinderella has toilet models for either gas or electricity and therefore provide an environmentally friendly waste disposal solution. 

"One of the most environmentally friendly and efficient toilets on the planet"

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Ideally Suited for Remote Locations

The Midsund staircase consisting of 6300 steps up four separate mountain trails - built with great effort by Sherpas from Nepal - invited Cinderella to take the challenge and adapt our incineration toilets to the hiking trails and open-air tourism.


"If we are to succeed as a tourist destination, we must also take responsibility for sustainable operations," Kolbjørn said. "Ensuring that we have clean and attractive hiking trails requires that we have sustainable toilets. It not only shows respect for our environment, but it will attract mountain enthusiasts from all over the world.

See How Good They Are!

The cinderella Comfort incineration toilet

"We love our Cinderella Incinerator Toilet. We were looking for an environmentally friendly toilet for our little cosy cabin and are so happy with our incinerator toilet. It is easy to use and clean. Ecoash have been very easy to deal with and prompt with any extras we require for the maintenance of the product."


(August 2023) 


Tiny Home Arrives by Boat

When former world-class triathletes Erin Baker and Scott Molina decided to make a second home in an isolated spot in the middle of Abel Tasman National Park, they needed a solution to the fact their new site was boat-access only.


The Cinderella Group take social responsibilty and environmental protection very seriously 

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