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Cinderella Incineration Toilets

As Tiny home owners we had been researching toilets for some time. We were looking for a toilet that did not require connection to a sewage system so this lead us to composting toilets. These were close but not quite there as we did not want to store our waste until it decomposed. 


After watching a video on "Living Big in a Tiny Home" we saw a Cinderella Incinerating Toilet. 

After further research this looked like the perfect toilet for us. 

  • Easy to use

  • Certified to NZ standards

  • Waterless

  • Child safe

  • Kills all Bacteria and Viruses

Such an amazing toilet we had to let others now about it.

This is why we started ECOASH in New Zealand.

Cinderella Comfort Incineration Waterless Toilet.
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