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I have lived in my THOW for approximately 1 year, after making the decision to purchase an incinerating toilet. Although the Ecoash Cinderella comfort electric toilet was a big outlay in cost, I consider the purchase to be one of the best things I have done. Not only is the product superb, but Brian and his team are one of the best and easiest companies I have dealt with. He goes over and beyond with regard to customer service, and nothing is a problem.
The toilet itself .. well I can't speak highly enough of it. Looks like a conventional toilet from outside, eco friendly, uses toilet paper,  no yucky separation of solids and liquids, no smell, no getting rid of buckets of you know what.. and everyone who rents land for Tiny Homes know that owners are not so happy about composting toilets. A easy clean and a cupful of ash in rubbish every week or so makes maintenance a breeze. I have the electric model, which draws small wattage from my 16 amp power, although there is also a gas model available. Points out of 10 = 11

Before you make any toilet decisions, talk to Brian, and Ecoash.. they are the best, in my view.


(August 2023)

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