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Cinderella Urinal

Cinderella Urinal


The urinal is an optional extra.


Most New Zealand customers order either the Comfort or Freedom Toilets without a urinal.


Combining the urinal and the incineration toilet reduces both your power or gas consumption and your consumption of toilet bags.


An odourless, waterless toilet

  • Unisex model - for both men and women
  • Hygienic
  • 3 year warranty


Cinderella Urinal is a waterless toilet solution specifically designed for urination. It is a perfect companion to Cinderella incineration toilets. The urine is discharged to a suitable receptacle such as a sand filter or a collection tank. The urinal is waterless and 100% odourless. 


Cinderella Urinal is easy to install, and you can choose whether to run the drain pipe through the floor or wall. It uses a 50 mm drain pipe to a suitable receptacle. The urinal is mounted using screws or silicone. When Cinderella Urinal is mounted and the drain pipes are connected, the toilet is ready for use.


Cinderella Urinal is a unisex model and is only used for urination. Cinderella Urinal is equipped with an odour barrier, preventing undesirable odours inside the toilet room. The solution does not require a barrier liquid, and is therefore always frostproof. 


Since Cinderella Urinal is the perfect companion to Cinderella’s other environmentally friendly incineration toilets – our market leader Classic, our advanced Comfort and our propane-powered Gas. Remember that 4 out of 5 toilet visits are usually only urination.



Customers who purchased this product often purchased a foot rest, spare liners and a liner holder.

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